Here you can find lost of information about a tastefull meal or a nice drink in Utrecht 


Zussen is a lovely lobby-restaurant. By entry you will see a spacious nine metre long bar. Not suprising when you consider that much attention is paid to cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. For more information:

Adress:                  Utrecht, Korte Jansstraat 23
Telephone:            030-2300015


Are you looking for a delicious and unique lunchroom in the center of Utrecht? Broodnodig is a beautifull bakery nearby the Mariaplaats (Burgemeester Reigerstraat or Willemstraat). Rolls, tarts, cookies but also delicious latte, smoothies and boosters. All the delicacies are home made and freshly baked. 

Adress:                  Mariaplaats 49, Utrecht
Telephone:            030 - 2311531

Pronto Pronto

Do you like Italian food? Do you prefer small and original dishes above a standard pasta or pizza? Would you like to be suprised by special wines? Then take a seat at Pronto Pronto. For more information:

Adress:                  Schoutenstraat 19, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2400096
Opening hours:    7 days a week 12.00 till 23.00


Delpi’s is a mediterian restaurant which established in the entertainment area of Utrecht in 1981; ‘’Het Neude’’. Delphi’s is known for it’s relaxed atmosphere and authentic cuisine. For more information:

Adress:                  Neude 29, Utrecht
Telephone:            030–2317147
Opening hours::   7 days a week from 10.00 till 23.00.

Asian de Cuba
The unlimited ‘’small bites’’ of the restaurant Asian de Cuba is based and inspiris by the warm worldly culture. In most southern countries it’s common to eat lots of small bites with friends and family.  For more information:

Adress:                  Domplein 8, Utrecht
Telephone:            030–2315866
Opening hours:     Daily opened from 17.00 till 22.30

Vis en Meer

Exciting combinations of fish and meat, a large open plan kitchen, eat & in a tough, industrial space and a good service. Vis&Meer only serves seasonal fish. For more information:

Adress:                  Drieharingstraat 4, Utrecht
Telephone:            030–2000188


A restaurant where you can eat in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. You can drink special beers and lots of wines. For more information:

Adress:                  Stadhuisbrug 3, Utrecht 
Telephone:            030-7527560


Havana consists of 3 elements, eating, drinking and dancing! From 16:00 you can enjoy a drink and from 17:00 you can have a diner. For more information:

Adres:                    Oudkerkhof 29, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2315040


Here you can enjoy a Arabian breakfast, cake, lunch, Chai (Arabian high tea), drinks, cocktails, Mezze (small Arabian dishes) and overnight stays. For more information:

Adress:                  Willem van Noortplein 19, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2720444

Toque Toque

Toque Toque is a nice a cozy restaurant that in addition to their regular restaurant also features a historic cellar, which is suitable for dinners from 15 to 40 people, cocktail parties and receptions from 35 to 100 people. For more information:

Adres:                    Oudegracht 138, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2318787


Before you order one of the main dishes, you can make a choice of appetizers and soup. The appetizers are traditionally Turkish made. For more information:

Adress:                  Mariaplaats 24, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2318485
Fax:                         030-2340300


In the middle of the schoutenstraat, between the Neude and the city hall, you will find Bigoli. You can order several well-known mediterian sea specials. For more information:

Adress:                  Schoutenstraat 7&12, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2368848 / 030-2304595
Email:                      BIGOLI@BIGOLI.NL


The Burgermeester Reigerstraat is one of Utrechts most fun shopping streets, the only thing missing was a place to hang out for food and drinks from early in the morning till late in the evening. Just a place to enjoy coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks or the sun with family, friends or neighbors…from now on Buurten is the place to be!

Adress:                  Burgemeester Reigerstraat 61, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2719999