A day sightsee in a boat or prefer cycling true Utrecht on a bicycle? 

Vareninutrecht organizes boat trips with open boats on the historic canals of Utrecht and the River Vecht. Boating is also possible in combination with a tapas dinner on board. For more information:

Adress:                  Lange Lauwerstraat 69, Utrecht
Telephone:            06-24441613
Opening hours:     Daily opened form 09:00 till 23:00 uur

Nosvia- Segway Rental

Will you soon visit the city of Utrecht? Use a Segwat, the latest means of transport in the Netherlands, to move you through the city! For more information:

Adress                   Varkenmarkt 18A, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-7070821
Opening hours:     Mo-Vr : 10.00 - 18.00, Za: 10.00-16.00

Kartbaan De Fabrique

An indoor go-kart track of 1200 meters in length. With super grip thanks to FIA specified asphalt and with all the turns which known in the Grand Prix racing world. For more information:

Adress                   Kartbaan DeFabrique, Westkanaaldijk 7G, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2404040
Opening hours:     Monday closed

Domstad Bike Tours

With Domstad Bike Tours you will explore Utrecht in a fun and active way: on the bicycle! This way you will meet places who are inaccessible by car, or are to far to walk. For more information:

Adress:                  Omloop 81, Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2624414
Opening hours:     Daily opened from 9.00 till 17.30 uur


Would you like to see a piece of history in Utrecht? Then you should visit the Domtower. Not only from below, but you can also walk to the top. More information about the history and visiting the Domtower:

Adress:                  Domplein 21, 3512 JE Utrecht
Telephone:            030-2333036